The new INOBO board brings a new concept to the world of kitesurfing this board offers far more than a different view of the ocean.

The heart of the board is the carbon Skeleton. The full carbon skeleton provides the base to which the rider can build a board tuned to the conditions on the day and the way they want to ride. The carbon skeleton uses Prepeg technology which is developed on foils, this technology avoids any risk of delamination. This skeleton provides the base to which the foot straps fins and deck are bolted to it also forms the medium rocker of the board.

Currently INOBO offer two different shapes of transparent deck in three different sizes.





The transparent deck is made from a poly-carbonate similar to that used for windows in Motorsport and bullet proof glass, it offers a high degree of transparency similar to glass but also offers high impact resistance . the clear decks are available in two shapes.

The “Wavio” designed for waves and freeride.

Rounded tips

Maximum control

Up wind performance




The “Stratos” Freestyle/Big air

Squared tips

maximum grip for big jumps



The beauty of this design is that as a rider you can choose the deck that suits your mood or the conditions on the day. The decks are easily switched and at less than £90 are also cheep to replace should you smash the deck on on a rock. The ability to change decks also allows the traveling kiter to pack three boards in a space not much bigger than a single board saving space and weight in your luggage and getting you on the water more often.

For the more hardcore freestyle riders out there INOBO also offer a full carbon deck. The “Nevio” Deck. The full Prepeg carbon version of the Stratos deck is the high performance option of the INOBO range giving great pop for freestyle tricks.