At WEST we feel strongly that as a customer you should be able to test any equipment before they buy it. Reading another magazine article or review telling you how good a product is, is not the way to buy new kit. every kite, board or bar is different and every rider feels differently about any piece of equipment they try. Its also very easy to disregard new brands as not having the experience or the expertise to produce quality equipment, When in truth the smaller brands tend to be headed by people who have worked in the kite industry for years often at some of the bigger brands.

WEST gives customers a chance to try something different. The question is, Do you want to ride the same kit as everyone else?

With this in mind WEST are building a team of riders across the country to allow as many kiters to try our brands at their local beaches. If there isn’t a WEST rider at or near your local spot we will try and get to you or if you are up for joining the team please get in touch.


Jack Greatwood

Team Rider

Weston Super Mare



    Pauline Williams

Team Rider





Adam Shiels

Team Rider



Phil Parry

Owner of WEST


If you would like to get involved in the WEST Rider program please use the contact form bellow and get in touch.