Through our partnership with Whatsup, WEST is pleased to be able to provide our customers with the full range of Fanatic boards and accessories.

The Fanatic range of boards is huge but we have a selection of boards for demo and can advise you on the board best suited to your needs. If you have never been on a SUP board before or are not sure if its the sport for you get in touch and we will try and arrange a demo for you. Alternatively you can contact Whatsup to book into one of their SUP lessons or experiances.

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The Pure Air is Fanatic’s budget friendly all-round iSUP, Whatsup use these boards for their lessons, yoga and fitness classes. Designed with everyone in mind. Easy to transport, simple to setup, stable and versatile, it’s guaranteed SUP fun for all levels!






The Fly Air is the ultimate toy that everyone can enjoy. Easy to carry, strong, stiff and durable, Ideal for flat water fun and small surf action. Available to demo from WEST as a 10’4″



The Stubby Air is Fanatics wave toy suited to travelers. Inspired by our Stubby LTD Composite version, it combines ease of use with direct responsiveness making it the next level iSUP. This board also works really well as a  kids board. Great fun for the adults in the waves then let your kids have a go with a board they can manover easily. Available to demo from WEST.



The Ray Air is the inflatable version of Fanatics Ray. A cruiser with immense glide it’s ideal for touring, exploring and discovering. On the sea or on rivers this is the ideal board for those of you looking to travel some distance on your boards. Available from west to Demo as 11’6″



Paddle and raft through rivers, streams, rapids and boiling white waters with our Rapid Air models! Bulletproof, super stable and equipped with ultimate turning performance, this is the top choice for the explorer looking to find surf far away from the ocean. Whatsup use the this board as their instructor boards.


WEST also supply paddles, leashes and all other sup accessories from fanatic and ION whatever your level we can get you kitted out.

contact us for all the latest prices and availability on the whole Fanatic range