TEN Kiteboarding Velox

The All New Velox from Ten Kiteboarding offers riders with Big air aspirations the speed, power and hangtime you have been waiting for !

“An uncompromising high-performance kite, bred for big-airs and endless oldschool variations.” 

As soon as this kite is in the air you know your riding something a little different. Its imposing ultra high aspect shape singles it out on the beach. Its design is based on a 5 strut platform its slim leading edge and struts make this kite super aerodynamic and make use of every knot of wind to deliver a ride that inspires confidence to keep going bigger.

Even at its lower end the kite feels fast across the water with great board speed and acute up wind angle abilities. The steering is light but gives great feed back to the bar. Plenty of depower at the bar means the kite is comfortable and easy to ride. The Velox offers a good low wind performance but the fun really starts as it gets more powered up.

Even in lighter winds simple transition jumps are turned into big floaty airs that give riders so much more time to add tweaks and grabs to even simple tricks.

As the wind picks up the Velox comes into its own, sharp handling and excellent abilities to cope with gusts combined with the kites speed translate into big jumps with huge hang time. The kite is easy to control through the whole jump and inspires the rider to keep going bigger.

Once in the air the hang time and glide of this kite will have you travelling huge distances with the knowledge the Velox can return you back to the water easily and gently with super soft landings.

The canopy of the Velox is made from a triple ripstop from the Japanese manufacturer Sakai Techfibre. 100% Produced in Japan, intensively tested and proven extremely durable.The Velox is built with twice the amount of panels compared to regular kites.  Combine this with the triple Ripdtop this combination  gives optimal control over the profile of the kite and reduces canopy bulging under extreme load.


The 5-point bridle constructed from high performance, yet thin Dynema lines keeps the stretched leading edge optimally supported to stay in shape under extreme load, but keeping the bridle as aerodynamic as possible for the best angles upwind and acceleration.The lack of  pulleys gives a firm and clear bar feedback to find that exact sweet spot when going big.




The use of heavy Dacron has been kept to a minimum the team at Ten Kiteboarding who have gained huge knowledge about wear and tear on kites and after repairing over 10,000 kites in the last 5 years. The result is a kite that has protection where its needed but has been kept very light to get the best performance possible.


Wind Range and Sizes

8 m2 – £965
9 m2 – £1995

10 m2 – £1045
11 m2 – £1095
12 m2 – £1135

The Velox will fly on any four line control bar where the lines are of equal length and the bar has a low V configuration. Check out the ” Wunderbar ” from Ten here.

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