THE X-BAR £320

The all new X-Bar from Spleene offers a very clean light weight and easy to use system that works with all four line kites.

Bar length 52cm

Bar weight 950g

Line length 24.5m (with 3m extensions connected)

Integrated safety

The safety line is integrated in the PU tube. It runs in a separate tube inside the main tube for optimum smooth travel and maximum safety. The PU-Tube System has a diameter of only 10mm so it moves effortlessly and allows for maximum steering angles as well as protecting the safety line and reducing any wear.

The bar is fully coated with a soft EVA grip ensuring comfort and control at all times. The shaped bar ends keep the lines tidy when they are wound up and intergrated bungee cords stop them from unwinding. The bar floats keep the bar on top of the water and give a safe grip on the lines for relaunching.

Depower System

The depower-adjuster uses the Cleat from the traditional English manufacturer Clamcleat. Even with a lot of pressure in the kite, you can adjust the power so precisely and you don’t have to worry about depower slipping.The depower rope is fitted with an internal bungee that keeps the line up and out of the way while riding.

Kite Lines

Spleene kite lines are premium DC-Pro 401 lines from the German manufacturer Liros. The 1.6mm strong steering and holding lines offer low wind resistance with very little stretch. The DC-Pro’s load capacity of 490 daN (= minimum breaking load) is well above the 300 daN used in most bars.

Both the connections to pigtails and the 3m extensions are made with spliced loops – for best durability and breaking load. This also allows very simple assembly and disassembly of the extensions at the same time.

The pigtails at the line ends are adjustable. So you can individually readjust and always trim your kites optimally.

Quick release safety system

Simple push away safety system depowers the kite on to a single front line. A stopper ball stops the bar from sliding up to the kite all the way so it can easily be recovered and reset even in the water.

The swivel on the top of the QR allows for easy manual untwisting of the lines.

The bar comes as standard with a smaller chicken loop but a larger Freestyle loop is available.

Safety Leash

The X-BAR comes with a short leash . The Short-Leash does not interfere while riding and is directly connected to your harness on a short line. In an emergency, you can easily reach the trigger and – if necessary – very quickly and intuitively disconnect completely from your kite.

Bar Bag

The X-Bar bag is available as an optional extra for those of you who like to keep things tidy.

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