The 2020 High Tech Line

RIP 36: 136 x 40,5
RIP 39:139 x 42,5 

RRP £375



The High Tech Rip is Spleene’s ultimate freeride board.

The Spleene RIP offers the full spectrum: Freeride, Big Air and Freestyle with maximum control and comfort. Doesn`t matter if you go for a good freeride-session or aim for the next kicker boosting you into the 3rd dimension – with the Spleene RIP you are ready!

Direct board-feedback  

Maximum control  

Full grip for carving & jumping 

 Light weight Quick planing & upwind riding 

Full comfort

Full 3D wood core

All Spleene Kiteboarding High Tech Line Kiteboards are produced with a glued, CNC milled wood core and this season the new graphics let you see into the heart of the board.

Advanced Jet Bottom

The bottom shape is characterized by a channel with a double concave. As a result, the kiteboard slides early. Instead of a simple radius, a parabolic shape is used in the Spleene Advanced Jet Bottom. Compared to a conventional double concave, the Advanced Jet Bottom allows significantly more edge grip and pushes the water along the edges. In choppy conditions, the effect is very clear. In addition, the water surface is broken up when the kiteboard hits it, thus allowing a smooth landing after jumps.

Spider frame 3D deck

The upper deck of the Spleene Kiteboard is equipped with the new Spider Frame 3D structure. In the area of ​​the grab handle, the kiteboard becomes more flexible and gets noticeably more comfortable. The kiteboard is faster to drive, even in rough choppy water.

Beveled rail

The slight elevation on the side of the kiteboard increases comfort enormously. This makes kitesurfing a lot easier without cutting or splashing water – especially in harsh conditions.

UV Safe Graphics

The glossy finish of the kiteboard is provided with an UV-protection. Even many hours in the blazing sun will not harm your kiteboard and the colors will keep shining like the first day.

Shark Skin bottom 

The bottom of the kiteboard is mate finished by using a special technique. This gives the kiteboard a shark skin effect with reduced friction. The result is higher speed and faster acceleration.

With loads of pop for your freestyle needs but enough flex to smooth out the chop for a comfortable ride even in the most demanding of conditions.

The advanced jet bottom gets you up and plaining early and keeps the landings solid.

Add some of the most comfortable and stable foot straps in the business and you have a board that will get you on the water earlier and keep you there longer.

For the full spec on this board check out the Spleene website.



RRP £795 inc shipping

Minimum weight

maximum performance

enormous pop

precise board control

Stunning looks

Every Carbon board is individually crafted to get you going higher and faster,  The combination of X3 carbon and the jet bottom result in a board with enormous pop that accelerates very quickly. The V cut top deck allows the wood core to be thinner and lighter so the board feels incredibly light on your feet.

For more information on the ultimate Carbon pro freeride board check out the Spleene website.

All Spleene Twin tip boards come with Spleene foot straps and G10 fins.









For the full spec on this board check out the Spleene website.


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