RRP £314.99


 the KSP Bar has been completely redesigned for 2017. It is a four line bar with  the ability to become a five line with the addition of the optional fifth line kit. All its features are easy to use and well thought out for riders of all levels

The lines are made by Dutch Europcord and are 23m long and anti stretch and abrasive resistant. The power line and safety have an Eva plastic coating to protect them from wear as they slide through the bar meaning they will last longer.

Untangling your lines after complex tricks or spins is done by rotating the easy and simple to use hand swivel on top of the quick release, meaning you always have your lines untangled for the safety to work . The low position of the front line “v” makes it really easy to see when your lines are twisted.

.The Eva bar ends not only make the bar very comfortable to use but they also act as floats should you ditch your kite or be forced to use the safety.  The non slip grip system with a redesigned ergonomic shape keeps your fingers comfortable and reduces arm pump.

The Quick release works with a simple push away system that is easy to reload, an depowers the kite 100% on to one of the front lines. It can also be set up in suicide mode so it will depower on to the front lines allowing the rider to reload and carry on riding.

A simple and proven system using a clam cleat gives you full control of your depower.

Other features are the elastic loops at the end of the bar to ensure your lines stay put when your not using them.

This bar is really easy and comfortable to use and everything is exactly where you expect it to be. A line extension kit is available for use on larger kites above 12m.

For more information check out the KSP sports website


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