TEN Kiteboarding Wunderbar


The Wunder bar from TEN Kiteboarding is simply packed with features yet remains simple easy to use and universal for any four line kite. It comes in two sizes:

45cm ( for use with 5m and 7m )

52cm ( for use with 9m and 13m )

And comes with 20m lines with 3m extensions as standard.

Tangle free pigtails

 TEN have made their pigtails twice as long as standard to aid with attaching and detaching your lines. they are also more ridged and less likely to tangle.

Optional High V.

By attaching the ring to the loop on one of the center lines and feeding the other line through it you can set the lines for a high or low “V” configuration

Trimmer Bracket

The stainless steel trimmer bracket is super strong and reliable and is set for single front line safety. The first 7m of leader line are twice as thick as standard lines to enable easy and safe recovery of your kite after a QR eject.

Clamcleat and Supermagnets

The clam-cleat depower system is made from heavy duty stainless steel. The depower rope has had a bungee added to it so it shrinks back out of your way and the end is held in place on the side of the clam-cleat with magnets. No moor fighting with Velcro.

Abrasion Resistant Depower Cord

The depower cord is made from two cords with a breaking strain of 3000kg each. Each cord is made from 2600kg double braided Dyneema that has been tightly woven and heavily waxed. A central 500kg cord has been added  bringing the total breaking strain to over 6000kg.


Soft Bar Ends and Bungees

To protect your head and surfboard from unwanted Dings the wunder bar has soft bar ends that cover all the hard parts at the end of the bar. The built in bungees are for line storage.


Quick Release

The Quick relase is simple and well tested with a push away eject system. The swivel is manual and it is mounted above the QR.

RRP £329

This is a lot of bar for the money.


For the full tech and spec visit the TEN Kiteboarding web site.


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