AGE: older than Ben

LOCAL SPOT:  Weston Super Mare but I get about a bit.

STYLE: Questionable

CURRENT KIT: I get to test everything

OTHER SPORTS: Wake boarding , Mountain biking, surfing, SUP, Skateboarding, Snowboarding

I have been kiting since 2005 when I was introduced to the sport by a friend. I got into kiting because I was fed up with traveling hours for a surf only to find the wind had messed up the waves. I thought kitesurfing would be an ideal second sport but it soon took over from surfing and eventually took over my life.

I have always ridden different kit and love to discover new brands and equipment and was a sponsored rider for Rodwy (a Swiss kiteboarding brand) for a few years before getting involved with Spleene Kiteboarding.

WEST was set up to promote Spleene Kiteboarding in the UK, as I have been involved with Spleene for a number of years as a rider and test centre. WEST can now offer several different brands new to the UK market and my hope is that we can continue to get involved with more small, new and under the radar brands in the future.

Please get in touch with any of our riders or myself either via the contact link or via Facebook and book a demo with some of our kit you will be surprised what the smaller brands can offer.