WEST can currently offer our customers Hydrofoils from Spleene Kiteboarding and FussionX.

The Spleene foil and board set offers excellent value for money allowing riders to enter the world of foiling for under £900 for a board and foil. The aluminium foil with interchangeable G10 wings allows the rider to change wings to suit the conditions on the day or to suit the way they wish to ride. Three different wing sizes and two different mast lengths mean this is an ideal foil for either a newcomer to the sport or for those experienced riders looking for something more adaptable than traditional foil setups.

For those of you after something truly special FusionX’s hand made hand finished carbon fibre boards and foils offer their customers the ultimate in custom hydrofoils. The 100% British brand have been refining their designs for four years now and the result of all this hard work never fail to impress.

Click on the photos for more details on our Hydrofoil Range, and get in touch for a demo.