The SPX is back ! the fourth generation of this kite has a new colour scheme, new materials new bridle and new sizes.

RRP 7M £730

RRP 9m £775

RRP10.5m £795

RRP 12m £825

The SPX4 Kite is aimed at kiteboarders who are looking for an agile and reactive kite. With its freestyle crossover positioning, it is great for a lot of freestyle action and at the same time it fast turning ability will keep surfers and hydrofoil riders more than happy.

If unhooked tricks are your favorite? Then the SPX ‘s pop will have you powering of the water. Due to its shape The kite stays stable and you can concentrate on your jump., the SPX4 has a good line-slack, making handle passes and multiple rotations easier.

The SPX4 is still a four strut four line kite that will fly on any four line bar where the lines are of equal length. The four strut design allows the kite to turn faster as the canopy is not divided by a strut so more of the kite is powered in the turn. the bridle has been reworked – thus offering a higher wind range. The SPX4 Kite absorbs gusts  and each size is optimally powered by the wind across the whole wind range, while being under full control.

The SPX4 Kite uses a special “made in Germany” Dacron material. It has less stretch and additionally stabilizes areas with extremely high load. That means, smaller diameters are possible on the front tube and on the struts. On the trailing edge, battens are applied, which will avoid flattering in quick turns. The battens can be replaced via small zipper openings    

As a result, the kite is lighter, has a better strut skeleton and keeps consistent flight characteristics over the entire wind range. The end of the struts is also enforced with patch-layers, to minimize abrasion And: you have to pump less during rigging.

 The SPX4  uses a double-rip-stop canopy fabric in the upper sail with a special two-sided coating. This makes the canopy water-repellent and prevents it from sucking water. This keeps the kite light and agile. Even after a drop in the water.

The V-Cut – the canopy fabric alignment in the upper profile – is precisely adjusted to stabilize maximum pull-forces in the kite. The SPX4 Kite stays stable, even in very gusty conditions. The pressure point on the bar is also very constant and doesn’t require much interaction.

All kites are built with a One-Pump-System with an extra large in-/outlet for inflating and deflating. The big inflate/deflate-valve at the center is compatible with 95% of all pumps. That means you can pump up your kite very quickly. A neoprene protective cap will save the valve from sand.

The SPX4 is now available in four sizes:

7m, 9m, 10.5m, 12m

What We Think

“The SPX4 claims to do everything, the difference is in this case it can. We at WEST have ridden this kite with twin tips in over powered conditions, in wave sessions  requiring the kite to drift and using a hydrofoil in winds so light you wouldn’t think the kite would stay in the air. The SPX4 is capable of massive air and the hangtime will have you wondering when you are coming down. The loop is predictable and powerful all the way through the loop. The simple bridle gives great feedback at the bar and good depower to deal with gusts. If you havent tried one get in touch for a demo “

Phil from WEST

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