Forty1 kitesurfing are a British brand based on the south coast near Portsmouth. the brand are passionate about engineering and kitesurfing. They are currently working on a number of projects including the “Hydrofin” a unique foil system for twin tips.

Forty1 also produce a number of other products for the Kitesurfing market including clothing, travel bags and twin tip fin protectors.

James and his team are constantly working to develop new and unique equipment.

Forty1 Fin Protectors

RRP £20 (set of four )

Sometimes the simpleest ideas are the best. Fed up with damaging your fins? or tired of your fins damaging you car or other boards? they these are for you.

The silicone based sleeve simply slips over your twin tip fins and is then held in place with a securing ring. the protectors fit fins fins up to maximum size of 120mm long by 50mm tall

These protectors are particularly useful when traveling as they stop boards rubbing together and being damaged when they are inside your travel bag, and also protect your bag from being damaged by the fins on your board during transportation.

Forty1 Travel Bag

RRP £99.99

The forty1 travel bag is packed with clever ideas to make any journey with your kit easier. There is enough room in here to fit everything you need for a get away to the sun or to use in your car every time  you go to the beach. This bag has some really cleaver ideas and is packed with well designed practical features to make traveling that little bit easier.


– 145cm x 45cm x 35cm

Load Capacity

holding loads up to 32kg.


With loads of space you can easily fit 2 twintips boards and up to three kites into the bag. there are three separate compartments for storing clothes and other travel essentials.

On the inside of the bag there is a 5mm protective sheet covering the bottom and sides of the bag  to protect your board. The outside of the bag is well protected against scuffs and bumps. the rear of the bag is fitted with two Wheels.

At the front two rollers mean the bag can easily be moved along the floor as you queue up at the airport.

The two sliders and edge and corner protection protect all your kit and make the bag very robust.

The strong carry strap can be attached to the bag in several different configurations so you will always be able to find the most comfortable way to carry it. the strap can also be attached to the front of the bag so you can tow it behind you.

Compression straps around the out side of the bag ensure everything inside stays where it should be .

For more info on Forrty1 kitesurfing take a look at their web site.

to test out the bag or fin protectors or to demo any of the kit from our brands contact WEST