Age :   Old enough to know better !!!

Local spot:  Based near Poole but kite all along the south coast. Love                                                 portland harbour      

Style:  Entertaining !!

Kit:   Stryder Kite boards Rock!!

Other Sports: There are other sports??!

Favorate Move: The Teapot

“I have been kiting for nearly 9 years, it’s been a great journey so far! met some great people, traveled to some fantastic spots abroad and here in the UK. Kitesurfing to me is an addiction.. I thought it may pass but but I just want more more more. My main passion is flying high, it’s always been about boosting, I love anything Big Air although enjoy low level tricks and rotation, working on my Jesus walk 😉 never really competed. Im concentrating on working my way up the woo leader board my next goal is 20m”