RRP from £705.00

The QX II is the all new free-ride kite from Spleene designed to get you going earlier and stay on the water longer.  Excellent low end power and low bar pressure allow you to ride for hours without your arms getting tired even in light winds. As the wind picks up the power delivery of this kite is easily controlled with massive depower available at the bar. Big floaty jumps are easily achieved with its easy handling and  precise power delivery allowing you to land softly.


QXII is available in 3 sizes

7M RRP £730

9M RRP £775

12m RRp £825

QXII LIGHT is availiable in two sizes

15.5m RRP £890

17.7m RRP £940

A new German made Dacron is used for the leading edge and high stress areas of the new QX. This has allowed Spleene to make the leading edge and struts thinner and more aerodynamic allowing the kite to sit further forward in the window making     getting up wind a breeze . New canopy material made from “Double-rip-stop tex” that has a double sided coating meaning it will not soak up water.

The QX-II Kite has no center strut. This allows the kite to turn faster and allows the canopy to adapt to all wind conditions quickly. This configuration results in almost no front stall even in light winds the kite remains stable in the air.

The kite is inflated with a high flow Boston type valve that feeds a one pump system


The QX is built light ,but that doesn’t mean its not tough. Dacron reinforced strut tips to prevent wear.


Replaceable battons in the trailing edge reduce fluttering aid in relaunch and reduce wear to the trailing edge.

The leading edge is protected by a number of padded bump stops at key areas across the leading edge.

Key load areas are double stitched and double layered with Dacron

The QX is a four line kite that will fly from any four line bar.

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The kite comes in a all new bag with plastic zips to avoid corrosion from sand and salt water. It also has special pocket for your car keys.



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