The Pinna is a 3 strut 4 line kite aimed at all levels of kiter. Beginners will love how easy it is to fly and how stable it sits in the sky. the more advanced riders will love its huge sweet spot for jumping and massive hang time. The bar pressure is quite light but still provides enough feedback to give confidence and the low end performance means a two kite quiver is easily a reality for most riders.


     The Pinna is available in two colours, orange and blue,and comes in five sizes:

5m  RRP £719

7m RRP  £799

9m RRP  £879

11m RRP  £949

13m RRP  £1019

After repairing over 10,000 kites in the last five years the owners of TEN kiteboarding know a bit about what makes and breaks a kite, and all of this knowledge has gone into the Pinna to develop a kite strong enough to take a beating yet light enough to really fly. Smart construction and attention to detail have allowed the designers to remove large areas of heavy Dacron and over-sized bumpers that add weight producing a kite with the optimum strength to weight ratio.


The kite inflates with a high flow valve that needs no special nozzle, you simply attach your standard pump hose directly to the valve. A one pump system ensures you get on the water as quickly as posible.


 Rigorously tested 2DR Sakai Techfiber makes up the canopy meaning the amount of dacron has been kept down to a minimum resulting in a very strong but light weight kite that is both durable and easy to fly and easy to relaunch.

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