Spleene are a German brand founded by Rainer Kauper . Rainer began  designing kite boards in 1999 after seeing kitesurfers in Cabaret. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge of water craft and wind gained from years of experience as a world class  sailor, sponsored windsurfer, and a para glider he began making boards for friends, and in 2002 Spleene was born.


The company most famous in the UK for the Door ( which is still in production today), are now on their Fourth generation of the all terrain kite the SPX and have recently brought out a new freeride kite the QX. Spleene continue to develop their boards and kites to create kitesurfing equipment that not only performs and lasts but is finished to the highest standards.


Today Spleene produce a wide range of boards, so weather its a freeride, freestyle, wakestyle, lightwind, wave board or a Hydrofoil Spleene have a board for you. They have a large range of full carbon boards for riders who demand the ultimate in looks and performance.


Spleene Hydrofoil

Priced to compete and designed to deliver, this is without doubt one of the best value hydrofoils on the market. With a complete package coming in at under £900 for a foil and board with options for wing size and mast length. the Spleene Foil Package is a product that puts foiling in reach of the average kiter.

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Spleene have three ranges of kite. The SPX is described as an all terrain kite and is a four line open c kite that performs well in all disciplines has great pop for freestyle and excellent drifting capabilities for wave riding. If its big air that interests you this kite loves to jump and kite loops are powerful and smooth.

Spleene SPX4

The QX II came to market in the summer of 2017 and is a delta shaped kite aimed more at the free ride side of the sport. Silky smooth handling quick turning and lighter bar pressure ensure you can ride for hours without getting tired. The QX has loads of depower at the bar and handles gusts beautifully, its huge floaty jumps will keep even the most experienced kiter coming back for more.

Spleene QX

The QX Light range is based on the QX but is built super light weight to get you out in even the lightest wind.

All the Spleene kit has been put together using the highest quality materials and the kind of attention to detail you would expect from an award winning German kite manufacturer. Spleene continue to develop and increase their range and something new is always just around the corner.

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