TEN Kiteboarding is a new brand from the Netherlands. Owners Eddy, Daan and Dominique all have years of experiance in the kiteboarding industry.

In 2001 Eddy and Daan set up Versus kiteboarding, an online kite shop , school and repair center. During this time Eddy was also working for Flyboards as a board shaper and product developer. Shortly after this the pair met Dominique who was working at U-stick. Together the three of them set up Kitecare. Kitecare is now one of the largest retail kite shops in the Netherlands and to date Eddy, Daan and Dominique have repaired in excess of 10,000 kites and boards.

TEN Kiteboarding is the result of all this experience combined with the desire to make kit that works better and lasts longer.

Using the best materials and techniques not necessarily the latest means TEN are producing kiteboarding kit of the highest quality at a great price.

TEN’s mission?

“to produce thoughtful products for kiteboarders. Functional through simplicity, durable through beauty, essential through quality.”

Check out TEN’s “Pinna” kite

Begginer /Advanced


The “Velox”

Big air Old school boost machine!!!

Tens new freestyle/freeride board “The Act”

Take control with Ten’s “wunderbar”

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