WEST Kiteboarding can supply the full range of ION kit including kitesurfing harnesses.


The B2


The B2 is where fashion and function meet to create a unique product. Many riders embrace the feeling of a seat harness but are not always comfortable with ‘that look’. The B2 is the perfect solution! When creating this harness, we made sure it stylishly offered all the benefits of a seat harness in a high-performance package. This year the B2 comes in a trendy colorway and features improved leg straps and shorts.

Kitesurf seat harnesses

The Radar


The RADAR’s design is so perfect it fits like a second skin. This premium seat harness has been refined from last year’s model for even more overall comfort. The revised ergonomic leg straps, inspired by the technology of climbing harnesses, have been developed to enable fantastic freedom of movement and to eliminate any pressure points.

Waist harnesses

The ION  waist harness range covers a range of budgets and flex patterns so you will always find one just right for you. Each harness has a flex index number to describe the rigidity of the harness.

    Flex Index (1-20):
Higher flex index = hard and rigid = direct feeling
Lower flex index = soft and flexible = comfortable



The APEX 7 sets totally new standards, it’s the crème de la crème in harness design and the advancement of our bestseller. The unique extruded Plus_Spine and higher outline provide support where needed. The design features controlled stiffness in the center with flexible side parts, resulting in a perfectly balanced harness. With a flex index* of 7 it is one of the medium stiff models of our range. The APEX 7 stands for top quality, top comfort and top all-round performance.

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