Spleene have spent uncountable hours designing, testing and developing a foil board set that will satisfy all levels of rider. They have done this by creating a board that allows the rider to adjust the setup to their own individual needs. Whether you are just starting out, looking to extend your kite time by ridding in light winds or racing Spleene have a set up for you.

The Foil Board

The Spleene  Foilboard
145 x 45 cm

Like the “Surf Door” and the “Zone” the foil board is made using proven Snowboard style construction with a wood core. This creates a very robust durable stiff board ideal for easy control of the foil. The Front of the board curves up to help prevent nose diving whilst the rear is kept narrow and flat to enable early planing and to keep the board from touching the water during tight turns.

The base of the board has a beveled edge to keep touch downs soft and allow the rider more control of the board and to help reduce board diving.

The foil can be fitted in three different positions to suit the riders individual taste.

The top deck is covered in an EVA grip that offers outstanding grip across the top deck for strapless riding. It is also possible to mount 1, 2 or three straps to the board depending on your taste or to suit the conditions on the day.


The foil is available with two different mast heights, 90cm is the standard length but a 60cm mast is also available for those just starting out or for use in shallow water.

The mast, base plate and fuselage of the foil are made from black anodized aluminium. The base plate has a selection of mounting holes so it can be fixed to most foil boards.

The front and rear wings are made from G10 plates that are CNC machined for high strength and stability even at high speeds. As standard the foil set is supplied with the freeride wing but a light wind and race wings are also available.

Standard Foil set RRP £885

includes Board, 90cm mast and freeride set up

Foil Board RRP £445

Spleene Foil RRP £618

For the full spec and tech check out the Spleene website.


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