As you would expect from TEN Kiteboarding their foot straps are as well thought out as their boards and kites. Easy to use with a clever all in one construction that makes them easy to mount and adjust and above all are comfortable.

The fully padded strap will cushion even the biggest feet with a neoprene side protection system that extends right down to the pad. The foam pads provide excellent grip and comfort through toughest of landings and have a built in toe bar to help you grip the board through the biggest of jumps.

The straps have 4 axial positions and 5 radial positions to help you get the perfect set up for you.

TEN Kiteboarding straps and pads come with M6 marine grade stainless steel bolts.

RRP £120


All TEN’s fins are made from G10 epoxy/glass fiber proven to be the most durable choice for twin tip fins.

50mm or 45mm twin tip fin offers the best control to fun ratio and come as standard on the Act, Act LW and the Mark.

4x fins and bolts RRP £55

TEN’s center fins to fit with the Act LW and the Mark boards

35mm fin as standard on the Mark and Act LW

RRP £ 19

110mm Fin available for the Act LW

RRP £35

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