Recycled and sustainable boardwear

Time for a change.

As water sport enthusiaststs we all care about our environment especially our oceans. Single use plastics, litter and chemical waste are all subjects we have knowledge and views on, but we cant escape the fact that our sports equipment contains many forms of plastic and take many different types of chemicals to produce.

Many brands are now producing more and more enviromentally friendly equipment but this sort of development takes time.

As consumers our ethical choices are often limited where equipment is concerned, however, one area we can all make an ethical choice with is clothing.  Recycled and sustainable material to make clothing is easily available to the kite and surf brands we love. Sadly only a fraction of the clothing produced uses these materials. The reasons behind this are often complex and controversial, but as consumers our choice is simple.


At WEST we have decided to only offer board wear made from recycled or sustainable materials. We are not claiming to save the world but as some one once said “Every little helps”.

We ask you a very simple question……………….

Whats Your Favourate Hoodie Made From ?

WEST have teamed up with Shoretees Supwear Company to produce a range of hoodies , T-shirts made from recycled and sustainable sources. plastic bottles and waste from organic cotton clothing manufacturers are combined to make our hoodies . Our T-shirts and vests are made from sustainably grown Bamboo.

Womens Bamboo VEST

Womens Bamboom Tee

Mens tee Grey

Mens Tee Black

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