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WEST are pleased to bring you the full range of Whatsup paddle boards.

Weather you are new to the sport or are a more acomplished rider.

Whatsup have a board for you. 

Whatsup paddle boards have been designed in house from the ground up to provide customers with boards that excel in construction, performance and durability all in a price range that can’t be beaten. The full range has been prototyped by Whatsup and have been desgned by thier team of highly experienced riders and instructors.


Inspire 9’4″


Twin skin single fin board ideal for younger paddlers and smaller adults. At home on flat water or waves. This ultra stable and agile board  is designed to inspire confidence in younger and lighter inexperienced paddlers, as well as being agile enough to tackle waves in the hands of the more experienced.
The board comes with board bag, paddle paddlebag, paddle and wiast leash.


Embark 10′


Twin skin classic all round board. Ultra stable even in the hands of bigger riders. Novice riders will love the stability this board offers and will give all riders the confidence to push thier skills to the next level.

This board comes complete with  board bag, paddle, three piece paddle bag, pump and waist leash.


Hybrid 11′


Twin Skin All Rounder/Touring Board Hybrid. This board is aimed at more experienced paddlers who want the best of everything. Narrower than the Embark,  it tracks beautifully across flat water, maintaining speed easily whilst remaining agile and easy to turn.  With its thruster set up and more upswept nose this board handles more choppy water with ease and is equally at home in the waves.

Board comes complete with board bag, paddle bag, pump, waist leash,  fin and three piece paddle.



Pace 12’6″

Twin Skin Single Fin Race/Touring board. Aimed at advanced riders who want speed and the ability to cover big distances quickly.  Its unique nose and slim outline allow this board to cut through even choppy water with ease so whether its the ocean, lake or river this board will get you where you want to be .

Board comes complete with board bag, three piece paddle, paddle bag, 100% carbon fin and waist leash.


Whats In The Box ?

The three piece double clasp Alluminium standard paddle has several features that set it apart from its cheaper rivals. The handle is moulded for a super cumfortable grip and the whole shaft is textured so the paddle is non slip even when wet. Each section of the paddle is fitted with rubber seals to insure the paddle stays afloat if you should let go of it. The ABS blade offers an excelent compramise between wieght and durability.

All Whatsup boards come with a Waist leash as Standard. The cumfortable easily adjustable waist strap is held in place with velcro , and has multiple attachment points for the leash. The watsup leash has a built in quick release system that in an emergancy can imeadiately seperate the rider from the board by simply pulling the orange saftey toggle.

The tripple action pump offers Whatsup customers the quickest way to inflate thier boards manually. The three settings allow the board to be pumped to the correct preasure with the minimum of effort in the quickest time.
The Whatsup board bag is big enough to store your board pump paddle and accesories in all at once.  You can also attach the pump and the paddle bag to the sides of the bag on the outside giving you room inside your bag for anything else you might need for your trip.
The bag comes with padded shoulder  straps , a belt strap, robust wheels and a front pocket,ideal storage for your fin.


Yep you guessed it its a bag for your paddle!!
ideal to either attach to the outside of your boardbag or to pack inside your board bag to stop your paddle rubbing on your board durring transit or storage.

The repair kit contains several patches and glue required to repair punctures and also contains a valve tool to allow you to service and clean the inflate valve.

The Whatsup phone case is included with all Whatsup board sales as having your mobile with you is vitaly important should you get in trouble or need to call for help, but also to take those important social media photos and pictures.

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